About Me

   Originally from Argentina, I am an architect and photographer who travels the world by bicycle, specifically around remote regions, in the pursuit of the cultures and sub-cultures that in one way or another resist the globalization process, either by deliberately trying to preserve their traditional values or by being marginalized by the system. Due to the nature of traveling by bicycle, I am able to relate very intimately to the places I visit thus spending most of the time in nature and with local people which is where I focus most of my interes.

I have traveled in 67 countries (and counting) and each one has left something in me that in one way or another has contributed to shape the person who I am now. This remains to be an on-going process as I move around the world. Through experience I have come to realize what some can only read in books and assume real and others choose to ignore completely and that is, that in essence no matter how different our cultures are and how far apart we may seem at first sight, we are all the same and we all seek the same basic needs. We all share the same basic instincts, we all laugh or cry, smile or glare, fall in or out of love, and it is astonishing to discover how essentially similar the reasons that lead us to react in these different ways are.

I am out there to face this world, to be fascinated and frustrated by it. I am out there to engage people who are sometimes so radically different from the way I was brought up that the more I engage them the more I learn to see the world from a different perspective. It keeps both my heart and mind fresh, open and alive, it helps me find my own path and makes my life richer. It is in that intimacy that is built through the empathic connection with other human beings where my photography thrives.

Portraying human beings and the environments where they live in; portraying the human condition in the uttermost dignifying way are my clear intentions because in every single person in this world there is dignity, there's humanity, there is something inside every one that intrinsically links them to me and that is what we all share in common.